Lockdown Letters to Horace: An Art Installation

Strawberry Hill House
6 December 2020 to 28 January 2021

Judith North, Charmaine Stimson and Kate Proudman, have been working in collaboration with Strawberry Hill House, on a response to their ‘Write to Horace’ project.
During the summer lockdown, over 250 people, mainly primary school children, wrote letters to Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill House, sharing their unique observations and experiences of the time.
The artists have created a series of responses to the letters, using film, sound and installation. The work explores the letters and the many contradictions evident: individual descriptions of a collective experience and handwritten letters sent digitally due to lockdown.
Also as part of the show, photographer Pete Swann has used a camera he built during lockdown, to photograph some of the letter writers. The photographs are on display in the Round Room as part of the installation.