Seeing Sense

A two person show with Judith North at One Paved Court, Feb 2020

Seeing Sense introduces a new series of oil paintings, 3D work and sketches which explore the place of perspective in contemporary art. In the work, perspective is seen as a metaphor for how we place ourselves as artist or viewer in the work.

Trained as an architect, creating space is an instinctive part of Kate Proudman’s practice. She often works from text – descriptions of architectural space and landscape – to create her work. The Imagined Realties are made in response to written descriptions of places of personal significance provided by different individuals. After a process of making plans, models, sketches, drawing, painting and repainting, elements from the description are combined to compose an imagined space which hovers between the figurative and the abstract.

The subversion of the perspective within the Fractured Realities is about the expression of a fractured viewpoint, the unknown position of the writer and the unfamiliar qualities of the space. 

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