Kate Proudman Art

Kate Proudman is a contemporary artist. Her work ranges from painting to collaborative installation and sound. Her projects are often site-specific, and she likes to involve other people in making her work. Originally an architect, creating space is an instinctive part of her work.  Kate often works from  text written by friends – descriptions of space and landscape – to create her paintings. Kate lives and works in London and is co-owner of One Paved Court

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oil painting of a yellow building with. woman in bikini and Cubana sign
Public Servants
Oil painting of light room interior with stone floor
Imagined Realities
semi-abstract oil painting with stairs and leaves
Fractured Realities
a painting of sunlight on a sliding panel
Perfect every Time. a performance.
Perfect every Time
black and white marble floor with paper additions
Keeping up with the Joneses,installation, a painting in Whitechapel Gallery
Keeping up with the Joneses
Peace of Mind