Installation Paintings

Site-specific paintings made for various locations as part group shows or of installations.

stairway at one paved court gallery
abstract architectural interior in mediterranean colours

To Richmond Green (the Palace) 2019

In Out of Place, a group show at One Paved Court, Kate was exploring the process of change the building had undergone, and how this is articulated through what has been concealed and revealed. She was interested in drawing the attention of the visitor to the way an architect can inform our understanding of the history of a building, and with this painting specifically the blocked archway to the back of the gallery.

Restricted (view) 2008
Oil on board, 505 x 760mm, museum rope.

An installation at Marble Hill House, this painting is of an inaccessible attic space, a hidden void between the dome above the Great Room and the external wall of the building. Marble Hill House has a row of windows on the top floor on the river facade, completely concealed from within the house and which light this strange narrow space. 
In the installation, the painting was placed on the stairs which led up to the attics, barring the route and drawing attention to the part of the house from which the public is excluded.