Lily Briscoe's Painting

Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press, Riverside Gallery, Old Town Hall, Richmond TW9 1TP

29 Oct- 10 Dec 2016

In the exhibition the  viewer is invited to look at Lily Briscoe’s Painting whilst listening to an audio recording of an extract read from the novel*.  

In To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf describes Lily Briscoe, an artist, standing in the garden making a painting.  Throughout the novel, clues to the composition are given, amid descriptions of her struggles, dilemmas, lack of confidence, and fear of people looking at her work.

Kate Proudman often works in a collaborative way with a piece of written work as the starting point for a painting, and she was drawn to attempt Lily Briscoe’s painting from the clues given throughout the novel. Reading the novel, Kate felt parallels with her own conflicts with composition, and echoes of her own desire to strike a balance between the figurative and the abstract.