Lockdown Letters to Horace

Lockdown Letters to Horace: an art installation
By Judith North, Kate Proudman and Charmaine Stimson

Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham, TW1 4ST

to  5 Jan 2021

During lockdown I, Strawberry Hill House launched ‘Write to Horace’. Over 250 people responded and through their letters, shared their unique observations and experiences. The letters give a unique snapshot of the area during these strange times.  Read the letters here.

Opening the show has been postponed by lockdown 2. When the house reopens, visitors will have the opportunity to read and reflect on the letters through film, sound and installation. The artworks explore the content of the letters themselves and the many contradictions evident: individual letters spoke of a collective experience, and carefully handwritten messages were all received digitally due to lockdown.

Seeing Sense

Seeing Sense

By Judith North and Kate Proudman
One Paved Court, Feb 2020
Seeing Sense introduces a new series of oil paintings and sketches which explore the place of perspective in contemporary painting. In the work, perspective is seen as a metaphor and symbol for how we place ourselves and the viewer in the painting.

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Out of Place

Out of Place Group Show

23 Jan – 3 Feb 2019

Artist’s Talk Sat 2 Feb 2.30pm

Participating Artists: Simon Darbey, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Judith North, Kate Proudman, Robinson & McMahon, Paul Smith and Charmaine Stimson.

Eight artists each make work as a direct response to the space at One Paved Court, whether to its location, its history, its current role or to the fabric of the building itself.

In Out of Place, Kate explores the process of change undergone by the building that houses One Paved Court Gallery, and how this is articulated through what has been concealed and revealed. She draws our attention to the way an architect can inform our understanding of the history of a building, and with these works specifically the blocked archway.

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stairway at one paved court gallery

Imagined Realities

Imagined Realities, Solo Show, 
Fairfax Gallery, Oxford University Press, Oxford

1- 31 April 2017

The Imagined Realities series brings together collaboration and painting. Each work is made in response to a written description of a place of personal significance to the collaborator. After making sketches and plans, the interpreted space is painted and repainted, as the elements from the description are combined and recombined to compose an imagined space which hovers between the figurative and the abstract. 

Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press

Lily Briscoe's Painting

Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press, Riverside Gallery, Old Town Hall, Richmond TW9 1TP
29 Oct- 10 Dec 2016

In the exhibition the  viewer is invited to look at Lily Briscoe’s Painting whilst listening to an audio recording of an extract read from the novel*.   In To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf describes Lily Briscoe, an artist, standing in the garden making a painting.  Throughout the novel, clues to the composition are given, amid descriptions of her struggles, dilemmas, lack of confidence, and fear of people looking at her work.

green geometric landscape painting
Lily Briscoe's Painting

Kate Proudman often works in a collaborative way with a piece of written work as the starting point for a painting, and she was drawn to attempt Lily Briscoe’s painting from the clues given throughout the novel. Reading the novel, Kate felt parallels with her own conflicts with composition, and echoes of her own desire to strike a balance between the figurative and the abstract.

*Read Transcript here.